Black Olive

Black Olive tree selected varieties

Also known as the "Bullet Tree," the Black Olive has a classic tree structure and can be quite tall indoors (depending on its age). Suitable for large containers, or as the centerpiece of an expansive indoor display, Black Olive shows off attractive clusters of elliptical, leathery leaves. Sometimes this plant is grown as a bonsai, particularly dwarf and spiny varieties. Black Olive is not as prevalent as other indoor tropical trees and treelike plants such as Ficus or Dracaena because it's a little more challenging to reproduce this plant, it's typically not available in nurseries.

This Caribbean native loves lots of sun; the brighter the light, the better. Black Olive tolerates normal indoor humidity levels.

The Black Olive tree is not actually an olive. It is considered a member of the leadwood tree family, Combretaceae. Large outdoor specimens of Black Olive are prized for their extremely hard and tough wood. The fruit of the Black Olive — more common on outdoor specimens in their native tropical settings — does indeed resemble olives in appearance.