Assortment of Aglaonema indoor tropical plants

Also known as "Chinese Evergreen," Aglaonema is typically a short, leafy bush that can be planted as an accent piece, arranged as edging of a large bed or container, or spread out as ground cover under taller plants and trees. Aglaonema is one of the most versatile indoor tropical plants, prized for its a variety of color patterns. It's an excellent choice for visual and textural contrast to tropical plants with flowers or brightly colored leaves, and tall woody plants.

Most Aglaonema grow well in low light, but readily accept brighter areas as long as they're protected from scorching midday sunlight. And although these plants relish higher humidity levels — like many tropical plants — Aglaonema can adapt to normal indoor ranges.

Despite the name "Chinese Evergreen," like many beautiful plants cultivated by the Chinese, Aglaonema varieties that we find today were originally developed from species that were actually native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia and New Guinea.