Croton selected varieties

Few indoor tropical plants have leaves as richly multi-colored as Croton. Depending on the cultivar, a single Croton can display vivid greens, yellows, oranges, reds and purples — sometimes all together on the same leaf! Croton, also known as "Rushfoil," can be used to fill in the bottom of a large display with color, or be planted here and there for a splash of hues. Croton is ideal for large containers, often treated as the primary specimen and bordered with green plants with contrasting textures.

Croton achieves the boldest color when grown in bright light, but may it not appreciate continuous full sun. It thrives with a consistently moist (not wet) soil during the growing season, and may be allowed to dry slightly between waterings in the winter. This plant enjoys higher humidity levels; it can survive in dryer settings, but it will grow more vibrant if there is adequate moisture in the air.

The species from which all Croton cultivars are derived — Codiaeum variegatum — is native to Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and islands of the western Pacific Ocean.